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TI Graphing Calculators

Once upon a time I wrote software for TI graphing calculators. This occurred during the end of High School (my family purchased a "real" PC my junior year) and throughout college.

I wrote software for the TI-86 (Z-80 Assembly Language), and the so called 68k graphing calculators (TI-89, TI-92+, Voyage 200) using M68K Assembly Language and a lot of C. At the time I contributed heavily to the TIGCC (a GCC cross compiler) discussion boards and occasionally the project itself.

I placed in several FLASH (C programs that run from flash memory on the calculator) application development contests which were held by the E&PS division of TI. In 2003 I earned the privilege of an all expenses paid trip to Nashville Tennessee where I spoke at the T3 (tee cubed) International Teacher's Conference. You can view the PowerPoint from that presentation here.

In 2006 I was a mentor for Detached Solutions in the Google "Summer of Code" and attended the SoC conference at Google in Mountain View that year.

Here are a few links to my work:

I am also the proud owner of a TI-82 that was signed by the staff for their 10th anniversary:

alt TI-82