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Gigabit Update

Published: August 05, 2008

Yay, the new PCIe card is in and working great - running at over 850Mbps in both directions and a 9K MTU in linux :) In windows, the performance is around 750Mbps...  Overall, that's ~4x faster than the first gigabit cards i tried, and a full ~8x improvement over my old 100Mbps (fast ethernet) network.

Now I've just got to get my raid array under control... it's rebuiding again... i accidentally put a md raid super block on sdb a couple days ago. This confused udev very much. After I created the raid there, i removed it and recreated it on the first partition... (Where i meant to put the raid in the first place). Even though the disk had been partitioned, i still needed to zero the super block on the device itsself before udev would find the first partition and realize that the raid was there instead. Of course, I didn't notice this problem until i rebooted to replace the network card :) So once the rebuild finishes we'll get to see how fast SAMBA runs.