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Heartbleed and LastPass
It's time to change your passwords

Pull To Open
What affordability really is, and how you can use it to name your servers well.

Well Meaning Hackers
Sometimes code meant to stop hackers prevents innocent mistakes.

Software Engineering Tips From The Trenches
Make your software better.

Greg's Must Have Software List
Software I use every day.

Bottlenecks, Deer Hunting, and Software
How to design your code for maximum impact and minimal maintenance.

CPU Scaling and
Run efficiently.

Moving Files Using netcat and tar
A low impact way to move files from one computer to another.

Mailing Lists and Procmail
Use procmail to automatically create folders for mailing lists!

Youtube problems with DroidWall
Get Youtube working with DroidWall.

CyanogenMod 7.0.3
Greg's list of must have Android apps!

OpenBSD Package Path
Set your package path automatically!

Speedy reboots in linux!

The Sum of All Sums
From the trenches: A true story of software engineering, or the lack thereof.

The User Doesn't Want To Wait
Ask questions upfront. Then do the work.

Good OO is NOT Flat
Making better software.

The Number One
One way to count.

Error messages
Making error messages more useful.

Good Software Design
How to do it right.

Try to explain this to someone...
Your reasoning is excellent -- it's only your basic assumptions that are wrong.

Gigabit Update
Approaching the speed of light one packet at a time.

PCIe, Raid, Gigabit
When disaster strikes...

Amazing DOS Tricks :)

Functions in DOS!
DOS functions. Yet, it is possible!

Store all files in a folder to a text file
Get a list of files from DOS that is useful in Excel.

Another funny error message!
There was a mistmatch...

Psalm 4:7,8

Do you know where your Home Screen is?
Using dynamic disassembly on the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 to find the home screen.

Overclocking the WRT54GS V2.0
Overclocking the WRT54GS v2.0 to 300mhz!

Software Engineer
What does a software engineer do?

Not all of the deletion is being undeleted.

Welcome to my new website!

Number Uno
First post!

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